Cafe, Restaurant, Workplace: Head to Zorambo to experience all three

The other day my friend and I were looking for a cosy and well lit place to have a little chat and to get some of our work done at. We came across Zorambo and let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed. A rejuvenating and refreshing vibe is what Zorambo is all about. The quaint ambience, beautifully decorated indoor seating, comfortable furniture and the fusion menu makes it a perfect spot in Gurgaon to take your laptop at and work. Cafe? Restaurant? Workplace? This place has it all. Zorambo identifies itself as a Cafetaurant, cafe plus restaurant and tries to incorporate the components of both in its ambience as well as menu. They have plenty of books so if you are a bibliophile and that’s one more reason to rejoice. There are also some board games and a separate floor that can be rented as a co-working space. And guess what, the place has free Wifi!

Zorambo is a cosy place with limited seating area. The irresistible aroma of the food being prepared emanating from the open kitchen amplifies the overall atmosphere of the place. Zorambo has comfortable couches which can make you feel at home in no time and colourful chairs which can brighten up your mood. They have some fun graffitis on the wall to further pep up the place. Every nook and corner of the cafe was quite Instagram worthy.

The food is the main highlight, you can find a number of fusion dishes on the menu. Zorambo values its customers and their taste and that is the reason why they offer a wide variety of Indian fusion dishes and beverages to choose from. Their Keema Samosa and Chicken Kurkure are some dishes you should definitely try. If you are craving for some coffee then order their Red Velvet Coffee or Cold Brew. These are Zorambo’s signature beverages, which are worth sipping. Giving a healthier twist to the regular rolls, the succulent filling was wrapped in a tortilla made of wheat and corn flour. Hot Chocolate Fudge is the perfect dessert after a savoury meal. The place also serves a variety of healthy salads and refreshing smoothies. So if you’re planning a date, a reunion with your old friends, looking for a place to hang out after a stressful day at the office or a place where you can work while enjoying tempting dishes from the menu, then do head to Zorambo!The place however lacks enough seating area so if you are planning to go there with a lot of friends then that may not be a good idea. You might not have space to sit together. If you are the kind who does not like quiet places then this place is definitely not for you since the person sitting on the table next to yours can pretty much listen to all of your conversations.

FOOD, FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!” Though that wasn’t us who said that originally, Oliver Twist wouldn’t mind if we borrow that dialogue of his after eating at Zorambo. The food should definitely make you want to check out this place. The pop of colour along with the crunch of chicken kurkure made our heart smile. So if you are the kind who does not like dark cafes with loud blaring music then you should definitely head out to Zorambo!